Flight Instructor Rating (Airplane)

Objective and Conceptfia

The Airplane Flight Instructor Course provides to the candidate the theoretical knowledge and proficiency to obtain the necessary skills to be able to minister flight instruction.

The course has an approximate duration of 14 weeks, with 134 hours of theory classes, 20 hours of briefings, 30 hours of flight instruction, and an exam with a minimum duration of 1:30.

Course Plan

Theoretical Component: The classes are usually ministered in our facilities at the Vilar de Luz Airfield, with 3 classrooms with capacity for 20 students each, equipped with air-conditioning, integrated communications training system, didactic and informatics material with video-projector.

The 134 hours of theory classes last around 2 months, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 and include the following subjects:

Teaching and Learning
Air Law

At the end of the theoretical part there will be an exam at the National Institute of Civil Aviation.

Practical Component: The classes are composed of a minimum of 30 flight hours in a Cessna airplane. They take place at any day of the week in accordance with the student´s availability and in coordination with the school´s flight schedule.

Our facilities provide the necessary equipment to make the flight planning, to access the relevant aeronautical information required, to consult real-time meteorology, and the space for individual briefings with total privacy.

At the end of the course it is done a flight exam with a minimum duration of 1:30 to obtain the desired rating.

Entry requirements

The requirements for the Airplane Flight Instructor Course are the following:

Being the holder of a valid Commercial Pilot License, or a valid Private Pilot License with a minimum of 200 flight hours (150 as Pilot-in-Command);
Possess the theoretical knowledge level of a Commercial Pilot;
Have completed 30 flight hours in a single-engine airplane, with 5 hours in the last 6 months;
Have at least 20 hours in navigation flight, including a 300 NM flight as Pilot-in-Command, in which are included 2 complete stops in 2 different airfields;
Have received at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction;
Have done a specific skill check (acceptance flight).

Standard Price

Sign-up Fee
Monthly Fees (4 x 1.000€)
TOTAL 9.000€

This value includes:

134 hours of theoretical classes
20 hours of briefings
30 flight hours in Cessna 152 and 172
Landing and Control Fees
Instructor Manual, School Material CD

This value does not includes:

Acceptance Flight
Flight Exam
License Issuing Fee (50€)
Travel and Stays outside the home base
Other individual material advisable (charts, flight bag, headsets, knee-board, plotter, etc.)


ID Card / Passport
Fiscal ID Number
Colored photos
Pilot License
Pilot Log Book
Medical Certificate

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